Made for life under water

Enabling submerged aquaculture

Enabling submerged aquaculture

Subsea Farming’s  vision is to culture the oceans. Our disruptive technology  for submerged aquaculture makes it possible to escape rough seas, thus enabling  aquaculture  in more places – even out in the open ocean.

Our  system will allow aquaculture to scale up production by utilizing more of the available ocean space , and at the same time reduce both environmental and visual impacts. Submerged aquaculture is also likely to  improve biosecurity and fish welfare since the risk of  sea lice infestation and  algae blooms will be significantly reduced.

What make us special?

Based on Archimedes law of displacement, Subsea Farming has developed a unique technology that ensures stable submergence. The design is both advanced and simple at the same time since it eliminates the requirement for heavy structures  at  the surface. Thus, investment costs are relatively low and highly competitive. The design is also scalable allowing farmers to start small and gradually expand. In addition to fin fish, Subsea Farming develops technology for  seaweed and mussels.

What make us special?
System features

System features


  • Made for life under water: Can be submerge throughout the entire production cycle.
  • Archimedes law: No mechanical operations; only using buoyancy and ballasting.
  • Simple structure and operating principles.
  • Robust: Designed for the roughest offshore conditions (15 Hs). No surface components when submerged (only communications buoy).
  • Low wear and tear: Only flexible components; natural behaviour.
  • Stable submergence: The unique and simple principle of ballasting of sets of buoys ensures stable submergence of the cage(s) in all stages, maintaining structural integrity and restoring capacity.
  • The Ark: A multi-purpose unit including feed silo (100 m3 – or two weeks of feeding; no feed barge in surface position), under water feeding system and air pocket. Accessible by service vessel in submerged position in sea stages of Hs < 3.
  • Efficient operations: Remotely operated from land base and autonomous positioning.
  • Low cost/CAPEX: Only buoys, wires and net; scalable in size; large range of water depts and locations (sheltered, exposed and offshore).



The team

Supported by Subsea Farming’s experienced resource pool, the Argy will allow for aquaculture production that utilizes technology and knowledge from the Oil and Gas industry.

The team is composed of very experienced and dynamic people:

  • Øystein Falch, MBA with more than 20 years experience in the aquaculture industry.
  • Petter Arnesen, Phd biology with more than 30 years experience in the Salmon aquaculture industry.
  • Øyvind Johnsen, Engineer with more than 30 years experience in marine design from a variety of marine industries.
  • Hulpa Marlin, Engineer with more than 10 years experience in Offshore and subsea operations.



The team

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